Terraria Solar Eclipse Best Weapons, Armor, and Strategies

Terraria Solar Eclipses are thrilling and challenging events that put even experienced players through a gauntlet of unique enemies spawning at an increased rate, testing your skills and resources to survive this unique test. However, the rewards make the risks worth taking as the Solar Eclipse can drop some of the game’s most prized loot, including Solar Tablets that summon Moon Lord himself.

Key Takeaways

  • Solar Eclipses in Terraria are challenging Hardmode events that occur after defeating at least one Mechanical Boss, featuring unique, powerful enemies.
  • Rewards include rare loot like the Solar Tablet, which summons the Moon Lord, and valuable weapons and accessories.
  • Survival Tips involve building an effective arena, using multi-target weapons, and prioritizing dangerous enemies like Mothron.
  • Preparation requires strong equipment, strategic arena construction, and an understanding of enemy behaviors and weaknesses.

What is a Solar Eclipse in Terraria?

A Solar Eclipse is a Hardmode event in Terraria that occurs randomly after defeating at most minuscule one Mechanical Boss. During a Solar Eclipse, unique enemies spawn in place of regular enemies at a higher rate. These enemies are more challenging to defeat, but they drop valuable loot, including the Solar Tablet used to summon the Moon Lord.

What are the rewards from the Solar Eclipse?

The Solar Eclipse can drop a variety of valuable loot, including:

  • Solar Tablet: Used to summon the Moon Lord.
  • Treasure Bag: Contains various rare items, including the Zenith sword, the Meowmere sword, and the Lunar Flare bow.
  • Martian Madness medal: Vanity item.

Tips for Surviving Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipses can be stressful events. But these are some tips that may help:

  • Build an intense arena that gives plenty of room to move around in.
  • Be wary of weapons that can hit multiple opponents simultaneously.
  • Focus on killing the Mothron first, as it is the most dangerous enemy in the Solar Eclipse.
  • Utilise potions and buffs to increase your survival rates.
Tips for Surviving the Solar Eclipse

Monsters and Tips

  • Dr. Man Fly, Butcher, Psycho, Deadly Sphere, and Nailhead are other formidable enemies encountered during the Solar Eclipse. Each of these monsters drops unique and valuable items.
  • Event Strategy: Building a defendable town and acquiring good equipment are essential before attempting the Solar Eclipse. Farming the Queen Bee for weapon drops and mining Hellstone for Molten Armor can provide a good foundation for facing the event. Using a Sky Bridge can also facilitate easier battles with bosses like Mothron.


The following enemies spawn during the Solar Eclipse:


A powerful boss enemy that can summon smaller enemies to its aid.

  • Behavior: Spawns Mothron Larvae periodically, fires lasers and teleports.
  • Strategy: Prioritize clearing Larvae, use weapons with piercing damage (Terra Blade, Daedalus Stormbow), consider Wings for dodging.


Resembles the classic horror character, known for its moderate damage and defense.

  • Behavior: Throws bolts of electricity, charges at players.
  • Strategy: Maintain distance, use high DPS weapons (Death Sickle, Meteor Staff), platforms for dodging charges.

Swamp Thing

A powerful enemy inspired by DC Comics, immune to poison.

  • Behavior: Throws spores that deal DoT (Damage over Time), summons vines to attack.
  • Strategy: Use ranged weapons (Nail Gun, Tsunami), potions like Ironskin and Regen, avoid close combat due to DoT.

Creature From the Deep

A fish-like monster faster underwater, references “The Creature from the Black Lagoon.”

  • Behavior: Faster underwater, charges at players, deals increased contact damage underwater.
  • Strategy: Fight on land, use strong melee weapons (Terra Blade, Daybreak), avoid fighting underwater.


Named after Dr. Frankenstein’s assistant, known for its quick movements.

  • Behavior: Teleports, throws boomerangs that return and deal damage.
  • Strategy: Use weapons with knockback (Daedalus Stormbow, Rocket Launcher), focus on dodging boomerangs with Wings or grappling hook.

The Possessed

Likely inspired by “The Exorcist,” it climbs walls and resists knockback.

  • Behavior: Climbs walls, throws cursed shurikens, resists knockback.
  • Strategy: Fight on flat ground, use high DPS weapons (Death Sickle, Lunar Flare), potions like Jester’s Arrow to counter knockback immunity.


A high-damage enemy that can turn into a bat, influenced by Dracula.

  • Behavior: Transforms into a bat, drains health on contact, spawns Vampire Bats.
  • Strategy: Use weapons with AoE (Area of Effect) damage (Zenith, Solar Flare), kill Vampire Bats quickly, consider using Garlic Necklace to nullify life drain.


Fires lasers and gets faster when hit, a nod to X-Men’s Cyclops.

  • Behavior: Fires lasers that track players, and increase movement speed when hit.
  • Strategy: Maintain distance, use dodging tactics like Wings or grappling hooks, and prioritize destroying the eye to disable lasers.


Resembles the Grim Reaper, can move through walls and is immune to lava.

  • Behavior: Teleports, throws scythes, summons Lost Souls.
  • Strategy: Use AoE weapons (Solar Flare, Stardust Dragon Staff), clear Lost Souls quickly, maintain distance to avoid scythe throws.

Dr. Man Fly

Based on “The Fly,” throws toxic flasks.

  • Behavior: Throws toxic flasks that create damaging clouds, teleports.
  • Strategy: Use ranged weapons with knockback (Nail Gun, Daedalus Stormbow), clear toxic clouds with AoE attacks, consider using Obsidian Shield to negate poison damage.


Inspired by “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” effective at close range.

  • Behavior: Charges at players with a chainsaw, deals high damage in close range.
  • Strategy: Maintain distance, use piercing weapons (Daedalus Stormbow, Terra Blade), consider using platforms for dodging charges.


A Michael Myers-themed enemy appearing in stealth mode.

  • Behavior: Appears in stealth mode, throws knives, teleports.
  • Strategy: Use weapons with detection capabilities (Zenith, Meowmere), move unpredictably to avoid knife throws, maintain distance due to teleporting attacks.

Deadly Sphere

Inspired by “Phantasm,” moves through blocks but not in a charging attack.

  • Behavior: Phases through blocks except during charge attacks, inflicts high damage on contact.
  • Strategy: Use dodging tactics with Wings or grappling hook, avoid close combat, attack during charge attacks when vulnerable.


Slow moving and inspired by “Hellraiser,” shoots nails.

  • Behavior: Shoots nails that inflict Bleeding debuff, slow moving.
  • Strategy: Maintain distance, use piercing weapons (Nail Gun, Daedalus Stormbow), potions like Regen to counter Bleeding debuff.

Essential Equipment for Terraria Solar Eclipse

Are you preparing to face the Terraria Solar Eclipse? These are some tips that will help prepare for this challenging event.

Essential Equipment for Terraria Solar Eclipse Game


The Solar Eclipse is a hard mode event that features powerful enemies with great damage output and strong defenses. So, weapons designed to penetrate multiple enemies quickly while dealing massive damage are essential. Some of the best weapons to use during this event include:

  • Terra Blade: This sword shoots a green projectile that can penetrate enemies while rebounding off walls. It has a high base damage of 95 and a fast speed. You can craft it with a True Excalibur and a True Night’s Edge, which both require a Broken Hero Sword to make.
  • Death Sickle: This scythe fires a red projectile that can pass through walls and enemies. It has a base damage of 57 and an average speed. It has a 0.4% chance of dropping from Reapers.
  • Nail Gun: This is a ranged weapon that fires nails. It can pierce through enemies and have a high knockback. Its base damage of 29 and a very fast speed. Uses nails as ammo, which the Arms Dealer sells. Nail Gun has a 2.5% chance to drop from Nailhead.
  • Piranha Gun: This ranged weapon fires a piranha. It latches onto enemies and deals continuous damage. It has a base damage of 21 and an extremely fast speed. It does not consume ammo. It has an 11.11% chance of dropping from Duke Fishron.


The Solar Eclipse enemies can hit hard, so you will need armor to protect you from their attacks and boost your damage output. Some of the best armor sets for this event are:

  • Beetle Armor: This armor set gives you 61 defense and two options for the chest plate: Beetle Scale Mail or Beetle Shell. The Scale Mail increases your melee damage and speed, while the Shell increases your defense and reflects damage to attackers. You can craft it with Beetle Husks, which Golem and Turtle Armor drop. It is crafted with Chlorophyte Bars and Turtle Shells.
  • Shroomite Armor: This armor set provides 51 defense and three options for helmets. Shroomite Headgear, Mask, and Helmet. These options increase arrow damage while increasing bullet and rocket damage, respectively.
  • Spectre Armor: This armor set gives you 38 defense and two options for the helmet. Spectre Hood or Spectre Mask. Hood and Mask upgrades give healing benefits when dealing magic damage while increasing magic damage and decreasing mana usage. You also get a bonus feature that also causes attacks to release homing projectiles that deal extra damage. You can craft it with Spectre Bars. It is made with Chlorophyte Bars and Ectoplasm.


Solar Eclipse enemies possess numerous abilities that make them hard to manage. Including flying, teleporting, or spawning minions. To be effective against them, you need accessories to help you move around more freely while dodging attacks and increasing your abilities. Some of the top accessories for this event include:

  • Wings: Wings allow you to soar through the air, providing an effective means for dodging enemy ground-based enemies and projectiles. There are various kinds of wings in the game. Among the best examples are Leaf Wings, Frozen Wings, Jetpack Steampunk Wings, and Fishron Wings. You can acquire these via crafting, buying, or defeating bosses.
  • Ankh Shield: This accessory gives you four defenses and immunity against common debilitating attacks like poison, bleeding, confusion, or darkness. It also grants knockback immunity, which is helpful against enemies that can push you around. You can craft it with an Ankh Charm and an Obsidian Shield, which require several other accessories.
  • Moon Stone: This accessory increases your melee speed, damage, critical chance, life regeneration, and minion knockback during the night or a Solar Eclipse. It has a 2.86% chance to drop from Vampires during the Solar Eclipse.
  • Celestial Stone: This accessory is an upgraded version of the Moon Stone that also works during the day. Craft it using two Moon Stones and Sun Stones from Golem for maximum defense and pick speed gains of 4. Crafting this item also increases your defense by four and pick speed by 15%, respectively.


Strategies for Terraria Solar Eclipse Game

These a deeper dive into advanced strategies for specific enemies and combinations:


  • Weapon Choice: Prioritize weapons with high piercing damage like Daedalus Stormbow, Zenith, or Terra Blade to efficiently clear the Mothron Larvae and deal significant damage to Mothron itself.
  • Movement: Utilize Wings or a grappling hook to stay airborne and dodge Mothron’s attacks, especially its lasers.
  • Arena Design: Build a spacious arena with platforms at different heights to maneuver around and avoid being cornered.


  • Crowd Control: Focus on AoE (Area of Effect) weapons like Solar Flare, Stardust Dragon Staff, or Rocket Launcher to clear Lost Souls quickly, as they can overwhelm you.
  • Debuff Management: Use potions like Obsidian Shield or accessories like the Ankh Shield to negate the Blackout debuff and maintain visibility.
  • Positioning: Keep moving and avoid staying in one place for too long, as Reaper can teleport and launch surprise attacks.


  • Ranged Domination: Nailhead excels at close combat, so prioritize ranged weapons like Nail Gun, Daedalus Stormbow, or Meteor Staff to keep your distance and avoid the Bleeding debuff.
  • Potion Power: Use Regen potions to counter the Bleeding debuff and maintain your health regeneration.
  • Movement Tactics: Utilize platforms and grappling hooks to create unpredictable movement patterns and make it harder for Nailhead to hit you.


  • Mothron + Nailhead: Prioritize Mothron first due to its higher threat and ranged attacks. Use AoE weapons to clear Nailhead quickly afterward.
  • Reaper + Dr. Man Fly: Focus on Reaper first due to its teleporting and debuffing abilities. Utilize ranged attacks to deal with Dr. Man Fly’s toxic clouds from a safe distance.
  • Fritz + The Possessed: Use weapons with knockback like the Daedalus Stormbow or Rocket Launcher to control both enemies’ movement and prevent them from overwhelming you.

Rewards and Loot

The Solar Eclipse event can be one of the most fruitful ones in Terraria, offering rewards and loot that can aid you on your adventure. Some of the items that may drop during this time include:

  • Broken Hero Sword: This is a crafting material that is needed to make the True Excalibur and the True Night’s Edge, which are then used to make the Terra Blade. It has a 25% chance to drop from Mothron.
  • Eye of Cthulhu Mask: This vanity item resembles the Eye of Cthulhu boss. It has a 14.29% chance of dropping from Eyezor.
  • Nail Gun: This is a ranged weapon that fires nails. It can pierce through enemies and have a high knockback. It has a base damage of 29 and very fast speed. It uses nails as ammo, which the Arms Dealer sells during the Solar Eclipse. It has a 2.5% chance to drop from Nailhead during the Solar Eclipse.
  • Moon Stone: This accessory increases your melee speed, damage, critical chance, life regeneration, and minion knockback during the night or a Solar Eclipse. It has a 2.86% chance to drop from Vampires during the Solar Eclipse.
  • Solar Tablet: This item can be used to summon Solar Eclipse events at any time of day. It can be crafted with eight Solar Tablet Fragments. It is found in Lihzahrd Chests in the Jungle Temple.

Unique Items and Rewards

The Solar Eclipse in Terraria offers a range of unique items, each with its special abilities and uses:

  • Eye Spring: A pet item.
  • Broken Bat Wings: Used to craft Bat Wings.
  • Moon Stone: Enhances stats during the night or the Solar Eclipse.
  • Neptune’s Shell: Allows breathing and swimming underwater.
  • Death Sickle: A powerful weapon that fires projectiles through blocks.
  • Toxic Flask: Creates a damaging poison cloud.
  • Deadly Sphere Staff: Summons minions to assist in battles.
  • Nail Gun: A rapid-fire weapon with explosive nails.
  • Mothron Wings: Equipable wings that offer good flight time

Several online communities offer platforms for Terraria players to discuss strategies, share experiences, and seek advice for events like the Solar Eclipse. Here are some of the most popular:


  • Official Terraria Forums: The official forums hosted by Re-Logic, the game’s developer, have a dedicated “Guides & Tools” section with several topics on the Solar Eclipse. Players can create new threads and respond to existing discussions there.
  • Steam Community Forums: The Terraria section on Steam Community features numerous discussions focusing on specific events and bosses, including the Solar Eclipse. Players can create guides, ask questions, and share strategies within these forums.
  • Fandom Terraria Wiki Forum: The fandom wiki also offers a forum section where players can engage in discussions about various aspects of the game, including the Solar Eclipse. This forum can help find specific information or participate in focused discussions.


  • r/Terraria: The subreddit dedicated to Terraria is a large and active community where players can post questions, share strategies, and discuss tips for tackling the Solar Eclipse.
  • r/TerrariaExpert: This subreddit caters specifically to experienced Terraria players, making it a good resource for advanced strategies and discussions surrounding the Solar Eclipse.

Discord Servers

  • Official Terraria Discord: The official Discord server provides dedicated channels for discussing specific bosses and events, including the Solar Eclipse. Players can join the server and engage in real-time discussions with other Terraria fans.
  • Other Community Servers: Numerous community-run Terraria Discord servers exist, many of which feature channels for boss strategies and discussions. Searching online can help you find servers matching your specific interests and preferred playstyle.


  • Terraria YouTubers: Many popular Terraria YouTubers create content focused on strategies for defeating bosses and tackling events. Watching their videos and engaging in comments section. It can offer valuable insights and community interaction.


Solar eclipses great way to test your skills and strategies in challenging and exciting environments. The best weapons and armor for solar eclipses is those that provide a balance of power and protection, like Sword of Light, Hammer of Thunder, Shield of Reflection, and Helmet of Reflection. Resource management is also important, so players need to be mindful of their health, mana, and ammo levels and make sure. They have enough resources to upgrade their equipment and build a strong base. It includes knowing when to attack when to retreat, and how to coordinate with other players. Players can increase their chances of success and enjoy a more satisfying experience in the world of Terraria.


When does the Solar Eclipse occur?

The Solar Eclipse can occur anytime after defeating at most minuscule one Mechanical Boss. There is a 5% chance for a Solar Eclipse each dawn.

How to summon the Solar Eclipse?

The Solar Eclipse can be summoned manually by using a Solar Tablet. Solar Tablets can be found in Lihzahrd Chests in Jungle Temple.

What triggers a Solar Eclipse in Terraria?

A Solar Eclipse can occur randomly each dawn with a 5% chance after entering Hardmode. Alternatively, players can use a Solar Tablet to trigger the event.

Can I trigger a Solar Eclipse before Hardmode?

No, the Solar Eclipse is exclusive to Hardmode. Even if you have a Solar Tablet, it’s only functional in a Hardmode world.

What are the unique monsters during a Solar Eclipse?

Unique monsters include Frankenstein, Swamp Thing, Creature From the Deep, Fritz, The Possessed, Vampire, Eyezor, Reaper, Mothron, Dr. Man Fly, Butcher, Psycho, Deadly Sphere, and Nailhead.

Are there any special items dropped during the Solar Eclipse?

Yes, monsters during the Solar Eclipse drop unique items like Moon Stone, Neptune’s Shell, Broken Bat Wings, Death Sickle, Toxic Flask, Deadly Sphere Staff, Nail Gun, Mothron Wings, and Psycho Knife.

Is the Solar Eclipse more challenging than regular events?

Yes, the Solar Eclipse is considered one of the more challenging events in Terraria due to the strength and abilities of the unique monsters that spawn.

How can I prepare for a Solar Eclipse?

Prepare by building a defendable town, acquiring strong equipment, and considering strategies like farming the Queen Bee for weapon drops and mining Hellstone for Molten Armor.

Can the Solar Eclipse occur at the same time as other events?

Yes, Solar Eclipse can coincide with other events or invasions.

Does the Solar Eclipse offer good rewards?

The Solar Eclipse is a great opportunity to obtain unique and powerful items, making it a lucrative event for prepared players.

Are there any specific strategies for defeating Solar Eclipse monsters?

Use weapons that can attack through blocks, set up arenas with mobility in mind, and consider using ranged weapons against tougher monsters like Mothron and Butcher.

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