Rockstar Games GTA 6 Tease Hinted

Rockstar Games recently posted an image on social media to celebrate the Moon Festival in GTA Online. The image features two characters wearing Moon Festival-themed shirts in front of a full moon and the iconic Vinewood sign. Some fans believe that way Vinewood sign is positioned in the image is a subtle hint at GTA 6, as letters “V” and “I” are more noticeable than others.

Why do fans think it’s a Rockstar Games GTA 6 teaser?

The number “VI” stands for 6 in Roman numerals, so some fans believe that Rockstar is intentionally positioning the Vinewood sign to make it look like a 6. Rockstar has been accused of subtly teasing GTA 6 on multiple occasions. For example, in a previous social media post, Rockstar featured a plane flying towards a sign that looked like “VI.”

Is this a legitimate teaser?

It is impossible to know whether this teaser for GTA 6 is real or just an innocent coincidence. Rockstar has not confirmed that the image in question relates to their upcoming title. However, many fans seem convinced this teaser exists and eagerly anticipate further announcements from Rockstar.

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What does this mean for Rockstar Games GTA 6?

Rockstar may be beginning its marketing push for GTA 6, and we may see further teasers and announcements leading up to its release date. But it could remain underwhelming until closer to launch day.


Although it’s impossible to know for certain whether this video is an official teaser of Rockstar Games GTA 6, many fans believe it could be. Rockstar has a history of subtly teasing its games so it wouldn’t be unexpected if this teaser were related. Rockstar has yet to publicly deny or confirm whether this teaser relates to GTA 6.

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