30 Best AI Tools for Students in 2024 | Top AI Tools List

Key Takeaways

  • AI tools enhance personalized learning, improve writing and research skills, and help with time management.
  • Popular AI tools include GPT-4, Grammarly, QuillBot, and Otter.ai.
  • Choosing the right AI tool depends on compatibility with learning objectives, effectiveness, and reliability.
  • Future trends in AI for education include AI learning companions, enhanced accessibility, and adaptive learning.

AI tools for learning are popular in education as technology continues to advance. These tools are used to artificial intelligence learning experiences for students. By providing personalized and adaptive content. AI tools for learning are the ability to cater to individual learning styles and paces. Allowing students to progress at their speed. These tools can also help students track progress and identify areas.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the world of AI tools for students. Future of education and highlighting the 30 best AI tools for students in 2024.

Brief Overview of AI in Education

AI in education is not machine learning, but natural language processing. Educational tools can adapt to individual learning styles. It provides instant feedback and even predicts learning outcomes.

Importance of AI Tools for Students

AI tools are essential for staying ahead. They can help you manage your time effectively. Enhance your research skills. Grasp complex concepts with ease. You are a high schooler or a college student. AI tools can be your secret weapon for academic success.

Understanding AI Tools for Students

AI tools in education are designed to make learning more interactive and tailored. They can range from writing assistants to personalized tutoring systems. Each to enhance your learning experience.

30 Best AI Tools for Students in 2024

The 30 best AI Tools for students can use in 2024 that given below:

  1. ChatGPT 3.5 or 4
  2. Grammarly
  3. Quillbot
  4. Gradescope
  5. Otter.ai
  6. Google Gemini
  7. Notion
  8. Mendeley
  9. Wolfram Alpha
  10. Tutor.ai
  11. CopyAI
  12. Duolingo
  13. Socratic
  14. Fetchy
  15. Carnegie Learning Platforms
  16. Knowji
  17. Course Hero
  18. Edmodo
  19. Quizlet
  20. Cognii
  21. Ivy Chatbot
  22. Century Tech
  23. Nuance’s Dragon Speech Recognition
  24. MathGPTPro
  25. ScreenApp
  26. IBM Watson Education
  27. SymbMath
  28. Content Technologies, Inc. (CTI)
  29. Querium
  30. Plaito

Now we discuss this AI tools list

GPT-4 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4)

GPT-4 is a state of art language processing AI developed by OpenAI. Building on its predecessors with advanced natural language and generation capabilities. It can produce human-like text, answer complex questions, and generate creative content. It is a powerful tool for applications ranging from chatbots. Virtual assistants to content creation and academic research. Its ability to understand context and nuances in language. GPT-4 is the way we interact with AI in multiple fields also this AI tools for keyword research.


ChatGPT 3.5 is free for all and ChatGPT 4 is Paid for $20.

Ratings and Reviews

G2: 4.6/5 (40 reviews)

Capterra: 4.7/5 ‎ (462 reviews)


Grammarly is a popular writing assistance tool. That offers grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks. Along with suggestions for improving clarity, tone, and style. It integrates seamlessly with various platforms and applications. It helps users produce error-free and polished written content. With both free and premium versions available. It is used by students, professionals, and writers. It improves their writing skills. Their documents are clear and effective.


Basic free version is available. Premium plan of $30 and a Business plan of $25.

Ratings and Reviews

G2: 4.8/5 ‎ (7,001 reviews)

Capterra: 4.7/5 ‎ (6,985 reviews)


QuillBot is an innovative AI writing tool. It helps students and professionals. Improve writing by offering features like paraphrasing, grammar checking, and summarization. It is an easy interface. Improve the clarity, coherence, and originality of your text. You are working on an essay, a research paper, or a professional document. Advanced algorithms provide valuable suggestions for your writing, saving time. Boosting your written communication.


Free version, and also has a premium plan is $9.95.

Rating and Reviews

G2: 4.4/5 ‎(19 reviews)

Capterra: 4.6/5 ‎ (135 reviews)


Gradescope is an innovative AI-powered tool. The grading process for educators provides timely feedback for students. Automating the grading of assignments and exams. It enhances the efficiency and consistency of evaluation. Instructors to focus on teaching and less on administrative tasks. Its easy interface and integration with learning management systems. It makes for educational institutions, productive learning experience for both teachers and students.


Basic plan price is $1. Team plan price is $3. Solo price is $3.

Ratings and Reviews

G2: 4.1/5 (6 reviews)

Capterra: 4.5/5 ‎ (4 reviews)


Otter.ai is an innovative AI tool. It offers transcription and notes. It is easier for students to capture and organize. Their lectures, meetings, and conversations. It has an easy interface and advanced voice recognition technology. It provides accurate transcriptions, students to focus on content rather than taking notes. This tool enhances productivity and ensures no important information. It is missed and facilitates efficient study and collaboration. It is a valuable asset for any student’s academic toolkit.


Basic plan is Free. Pro plan is $10. Business is in $20.

Ratings and Reviews

G2: 4.2/5 ‎ (172 reviews)

Capterra: 4.6/5 ‎ (78 reviews)

Google Gemini

Google Gemini is an AI-powered tool designed. It improves creative writing and research. It provides suggestions and ideas to improve your writing projects. It aids in generating innovative content, offering a seamless and efficient writing experience. Its user-friendly interface and advanced AI tools for keyword research. Google Gemini is a valuable asset for students and professionals. You are looking to elevate your writing and research skills.


Gemini is Free but Gemini Advance is $19.99.

Ratings and Reviews

G2: 4.3/5 (41 reviews)

Capterra: 4.3/5 ‎ (12 reviews)


Notion is productive and organizational tool. It helps students streamline their study routines. Like note-taking, task management, and database creation. Its easy interface and customizable templates. It is easy for students to organize notes, schedule tasks, and collaborate on projects. Notion students can improve their productivity. Focus on achieving their academic goals positively and efficiently.


Basic plan is free. Plus plan is $10. Business plan is $18.

Ratings and Reviews

G2: 4.7/5 ‎ (5,183 reviews)

Capterra: 4.8/5‎ (2,121 reviews)


Mendeley is a powerful management tool. Academic social network that helps students and researchers. Organize their research papers, generate citations, and connect with other academics. Its user-friendly interface and collaborative features. It make popular choice for managing research materials, sharing insights, and updated. Mendeley’s ability to sync across devices ensures that your research library. It is always accessible. It an essential tool for academic success and productivity.


Basic plan is free. Plus plan is $4.99. Pro plan is $9.99. Max plan is $14.99.

Ratings and Reviews

G2: 4.3/5 ‎(243 reviews)

Capterra: 4.1/5 (66 reviews)

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is an innovative knowledge engine. It provides answers to complex mathematical, scientific, and factual queries. Its powerful algorithms and vast database allow students and professionals. To solve equations, analyze data, and wide range of topics with precision and ease. Its easy interface and ability to generate solutions. It enhances learning, research and problem solving skills.


Basic plan is free. Pro plan is $5. Pro premium plan is $8.25.

Ratings and Reviews

G2: 4.7/5 ‎(3 reviews)

Capterra: 4.6/5 ‎ 169 reviews


Tutorai is an AI personal tutoring platform. That offers customized lessons and feedback. Students based on their learning progress. It provides a personalized and interactive learning experience, adapting to individual needs. It helps students master complex concepts at their own pace. It has interface and engaging content. It is a valuable tool for improving academic performance in variety of subjects.


First 3 times free use and then $10 per month.


CopyAI is an innovative AI-powered platform. That specializes in automated content generation and brainstorming tools. It helps users effortlessly create compelling and creative content for various purposes. Like marketing, blogging, and social media. With its intuitive interface and ability to generate ideas and content quickly. CopyAI is a valuable resource for writers and marketers. Anyone looking to enhance their content creation process with ease and efficiency.


  • Free plan 1 Seat, 2,000 Words in Chat, and 200 Bonus Credits.
  • Pro plan 5 Seats, Unlimited Words in Chat, and 500 Workflow Credits/Mo price is $49.
  • Team plan 20 Seats, Unlimited Words in Chat and 3K Workflow Credits/Mo price is $249.

Ratings and Reviews

G2: 4.7/5 (177 reviews)

Capterra: 4.5/5‎ (60 reviews)


Duolingo is a popular and easy language learning app. That makes mastering a new language fun and accessible. Its gamified approach and personalized lessons. It offers interactive exercises. Tracks progress to keep learners engaged and motivated. You beginner or looking to advance your skills. It provides a flexible and effective way to learn languages. It favorite choice for millions of language enthusiasts worldwide.


Duolingo app is fully free to use.

Ratings and Reviews

G2: 4.5/5 (129 reviews)

Capterra: 4.6/5‎ (803 reviews)


Socratic is a user-friendly educational app. That provides homework to help students understand complex concepts across various subjects. Socratic can analyze questions and provide clear, concise answers, learning accessible and efficient. It’s an invaluable tool for students seeking to improve their academic performance. In a supportive and interactive environment.


  • Free plan for 250 tasks (+unlimited archived)
  • Growth plan for Unlimted tasks & usage, plus in $12
  • Scale plan for All features from Growth Plus in $18

Ratings and Reviews

G2: 5/5 ‎ (2 reviews)

Capterra: 4.4/5 ‎ (21 reviews)


Fetchy is an efficient research assistance tool designed. To help students and professionals quickly. Find reliable sources and data for their projects. Its intuitive interface and powerful search capabilities. Fetchy streamlines the information recovery process, saving time and access to high-quality. For academic research or professional inquiries. Fetchy is a valuable resource for enhancing productivity and ensuring well-informed outcomes.


Premium $10

Carnegie Learning Platforms

Carnegie Learning Platforms are innovative educational tools. That offers adaptive learning and personalized instruction, particularly in math and language subjects. These platforms use AI technology to tailor learning experiences to individual student needs. Customized approach that enhances understanding and retention. Their focus is on active learning and application. Their effectiveness in improving student outcomes and fostering a deeper engagement.


Carnegie Learning Platforms is free to use.

Ratings and Reviews

G2: 4.5/5 ‎ (14 reviews)

Capterra: 5/5 ‎ (1 reviews)


Knowji is a dynamic vocabulary-building app. That uses audio-visual cues and spaced repetition. To help learners effectively acquire and retain new words. Its engaging and interactive approach. It makes vocabulary learning enjoyable and efficient. It is wide range of learners. Students to professionals to expand their skills. It has a user-friendly design and personalized learning paths. Knowji is a valuable tool for enhancing communication and comprehension in any language.


Knowji is free to use.

Course Hero

Course Hero is an online learning platform. That provides students with access to an extensive library of study resources. It includes course-specific materials, study guides, and practice problems. It also offers tutor support to help students grasp. Challenging concepts and excel in their academic pursuits. It’s a collaborative and supportive community. Course Hero is for students to improve grades and academic success.


Basic plan is free, Premium plan is $24.95 and Hero Trio is $29.95.

Ratings and Reviews

G2: 3.4/5 ‎ (35 reviews)

Capterra: 3.7/5 ‎ (13 reviews)


Edmodo is a versatile educational platform. That facilitates communication and collaboration between teachers and students. It provides a secure and comfortable environment. For sharing resources, managing assignments, and engaging in classroom discussions. Its intuitive interface and tools. It enhances learning experience by fostering a connected and supportive educational community. It is popular choice for schools worldwide.


Edmodo is free for all users.

Ratings and Reviews

G2: 4.01/5 ‎ (72 reviews)

Capterra: 4.5/5‎ (10 reviews)


Quizlet is an interactive learning tool. That offers a variety of study modes. It Includes flashcards, quizzes, and games, help students learn and retain information effectively. Its easy platform allows learners to create their study sets. Access millions of existing ones, covering a wide range of subjects. It’s an engaging and flexible approach. Quizlet is a favorite among students and educators. For study sessions and improving academic performance.


Quizlet is $35.99 for all users.

Ratings and Reviews

G2: 4.5/5‎ (285 reviews)

Capterra: 4.6/5 ‎ (130 reviews)


Cognii is an advanced AI tutoring platform. That provides personalized learning experiences through interactive dialogue and feedback. It adapts to individual student needs, offering customized instruction and assessments. To help learners understand complex concepts and improve their academic performance. Its focus is on natural language processing and deep learning. For educators and students engaging and effective approach to education.

Ratings and Reviews

G2: 4.7/5 (12 reviews)

Capterra: 4.3/5‎ (3,171 reviews)

Ivy Chatbot

Ivy Chatbot is an innovative AI-driven platform. That enhances student support and engagement. By providing instant answers to queries and assisting with administrative tasks. It’s an intuitive interface and responsive interaction. It is an invaluable tool for educational institutions, streamlining communication and ensuring students. Quick access to the information they need, enriching their academic experience.

Century Tech

Century Tech is a cutting-edge educational platform. That offers personalized learning paths and data-driven insights to optimize student learning experiences. By using AI technology to tailor content to individual needs and track progress. Century Tech ensures that each student receives a customized education. That maximizes their potential and fosters a deeper. Understanding of material, making it a revolutionary tool in the world of education.


Prices start at £1200 per year per school

Ratings and Reviews

G2: 4.5/5‎ (3 reviews)

Nuance’s Dragon Speech Recognition

Nuance’s Dragon Speech Recognition is voice recognition software. That enables users to convert spoken words into text with accuracy and speed. It has advanced dictation capabilities and intuitive interface. It is an essential tool for professionals, students, and anyone. Looking to streamline their workflow. Improve productivity, and embrace hands-free computing. For a more efficient and accessible way to create documents, emails, and notes.


Various pricing options are available. with a free trial often offered and premium methods available.

Ratings and Reviews

G2: 3.9/5 (54 reviews)

Capterra: 4.1/5‎ (236 reviews)


MathGPTPro is a specialized AI tool designed. To assist students in solving complex math problems by providing explanations and solutions. It has a user-friendly interface and advanced algorithms. Make learning and understanding mathematical concepts more accessible and engaging. Enabling learners to tackle challenges with confidence and improve their math skills effectively.


Starter free 10 Coins. Monthly 3000 per month for $8.99. Seasonal 3000 per month for $7.49. Annual 3000 per month for $5.99 Save $36/year.


ScreenApp is a versatile tool. That enhances video learning by enabling students. To summarize video content and create concise study notes. Its intuitive features streamline the process of extracting. It is easier for learners to review and retain important concepts. Enriching their educational experience and boosting their academic performance.


Starter plan is $0, Growth plan is $15, Business plan is $27 and Enterprise plan is $87.

Ratings and Reviews

Capterra: 5/5‎ (4 reviews)

IBM Watson Education

IBM Watson Education is an AI-powered platform. That offers personalized learning experiences by adapting content and providing feedback. Based on individual student interactions. Its cognitive capabilities and data-driven insights empower educators. Tailor instruction to meet each student unique needs. Fostering a more engaging and effective learning environment. That enhances academic outcomes and prepares learners for success in the digital age.


The lite plan is free, Professional plan is $1.02/Capacity Unit-Hour.

Ratings and Reviews

G2: 4.2/5 ‎ (162 reviews)

Capterra: 4.2/5 ‎ (5 reviews)


SymbMath is an advanced computational tool. Designed for symbolic math computation and equation solving. Aiding students and professionals in tackling complex mathematical problems with ease. Its powerful algorithms and user-friendly interface simplify the process of solving equations. Performing symbolic computations, and understanding mathematical concepts. It is resource for improving mathematical proficiency and problem solving skills.


SymbMath is fully free.

Content Technologies, Inc. (CTI)

Content Technologies, Inc. (CTI) is a pioneering company that offers AI eLearning platforms. Content creation tools are the way educational content is delivered and consumed. Their innovative solutions provide educators and learners. With engaging, interactive, and personalized learning experiences. Technology to enhance understanding, retention, and educational outcomes.


Querium is an innovative AI-driven platform. That specializes in STEM tutoring and assessment tools. Providing personalized support to students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics subjects. Its adaptive learning technology offers targeted practice and feedback. It helps learners master complex concepts and improve. Their academic performance in a supportive and engaging environment.


Plaito is an innovative and easy platform. That seamlessly integrates various elements of daily life. It offers a streamlined and efficient experience for users. From smart home management to personalized productivity tools. Plaito empowers individuals by simplifying their routines and enhancing convenience. Its intuitive interface and forward-thinking features. Plaito represents a positive step towards a connection. Efficient future for users seeking a harmonious blend of technology and daily living.

Pricing and Reviews

Various pricing options are available. It is well-received for its writing support capabilities. Its ability to help students produce high-quality written content.

Choosing the Right AI Tool for Your Needs

Choosing the right AI tool for your needs involves considering factors. Like compatibility with your learning objectives, effectiveness, and reliability. It’s the limitations and drawbacks of each tool to ensure it meets your requirements. By selecting the most suitable AI tool. You can enhance your learning experience. Improve your understanding of complex concepts, and achieve your academic goals more efficiently.

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The future of AI in education is brimming with exciting possibilities. That promises to personalize learning even further. Make education more accessible and engaging. These a glimpse of what’s on the horizon:

  • AI-powered learning companions: A world with virtual study buddies. These AI assistants will create custom learning plans. These offer targeted feedback on your work. Even encourage – all tailored to your unique learning style and pace.
  • Enhanced accessibility: AI can bridge the gap for students with disabilities. Text-to-speech conversion, voice recognition software, and captioning. AI can create an inclusive learning environment where everyone.
  • Learning experiences: AI can take students on virtual field trips to depths of the ocean. The heart of a historical event. The pyramids of Egypt or dissecting a frog all from the comfort of your classroom.
  • Adaptive learning on steroids: AI can personalize learning. But future iterations will be even more sophisticated. AI can not only adjust the difficulty of learning materials. But also identify your strengths and weaknesses. Suggesting resources and activities that address them.

These are just a few examples, and the possibilities are truly endless. AI has the potential to revolutionize education. It makes effective, engaging, and accessible for all learners.


What are AI tools for students?

AI tools for students are software applications that use artificial intelligence. To enhance learning, productivity, and research skills.

Are AI tools for students free?

Yes, many AI tools offer free versions with basic features. Like Grammarly and Quillbot.

How can AI tools improve my studying?

AI tools can provide personalized learning experiences. Improve your writing and research skills. You help manage your time effectively.

What are the most popular AI tools for students?

Several AI tools cater to various student needs, but some of the most popular include:
Writing Assistants: Grammarly, Quillbot, Copyscape
Research Tools: Wolfram Alpha, Mendeley, Fetchy
Organization and Productivity: Notion, Otter.ai, ScreenApp
Personalized Learning: Tutor.ai, Carnegie Learning Platforms, Cognii
Language Learning: Duolingo, Socratic

Do I need to pay for AI learning tools?

Many AI tools offer free versions with basic features. Popular free options include Grammarly, Otter.ai, SymbMath, and Duolingo. Paid versions often unlock additional features and functionalities.

How can AI help me improve my writing?

AI writing tools can:
Check grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
Suggest improvements in clarity, style, and sentence structure.
Paraphrase and summarize text.
Generate creative text formats and content ideas.

Can AI tools help me learn math?

Yes, AI math tools can:
Solve complex math problems step-by-step.
Provide explanations and alternative solution methods.
Generate practice problems tailored to your skill level.
Offer visual aids and interactive elements to enhance understanding.

Are AI tutors effective for learning?

AI tutors can be effective for learning. When used in conjunction with other learning methods. They can:
Provide immediate and personalized feedback on your work.
Adapt the learning pace to your individual needs.
Offer practice and assessment tools to track your progress.

What are some future trends in AI education?

The future of AI education holds exciting possibilities, such as:
AI-powered learning companions
Enhanced accessibility AI tools like text-to-speech for all students.
Immersive learning experiences AI can facilitate deeper learning experiences.
Adaptive learning on steroids AI can not only adjust difficulty.

Is AI safe to use for students?

It’s important to use these AI tools responsibly. These are some safety considerations:
Be mindful of plagiarism risks
Develop critical thinking skills
Be aware of potential biases

How do I choose the right AI tool for me?

Consider the following factors when choosing an AI tool:
Your learning goals: What specific skills or knowledge do you want to improve?
Your learning style: Do you prefer visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learning?
Your budget: Are you looking for a free or paid tool?
Compatibility: Does the tool integrate well with your existing learning resources and devices?

What are some examples of AI tools used in schools?

Some schools are using AI tools for various purposes, including:
Personalized learning platforms: Adapting curriculum and assessments to individual student needs.
Automated grading and feedback: Providing efficient and consistent feedback on assignments.
Chatbots: Answering student questions and offering support outside of class hours.
Virtual reality simulations: Immersing students in engaging learning experiences.


AI tools are transforming the educational landscape. Students innovative ways to learn, research, and stay organized. By embracing these tools. You can enhance your learning experience and achieve academic success. So why not explore the world of AI tools and take your education to new heights.

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