20 Best AI Tools for SEO in 2024 | Increase your Business Sales

Key Takeaways

  • AI is revolutionizing SEO by offering precision, efficiency, and effectiveness.
  • Top AI tools for SEO in 2024. Including SurferSEO, Clearscope, MarketMuse, Frase, Outranking, WordLift, SEMrush Writing Assistant, and more.
  • Consider accuracy, ease of use, integration capabilities, and cost-effectiveness when choosing AI tools.
  • Embrace AI to identify goals, choose the right tools, conduct keyword research, analyze user behavior, optimize content, monitor progress, and stay updated with trends.

Welcome to future of SEO, where artificial intelligence in SEO not only boosts our strategies. Also, drive mind blowing results. In 2024, AI tools are essential for optimizing SEO strategies and boosting business sales. Discover the top 20 AI tools that can transform your SEO efforts and drive greater success in the competitive online landscape.

AI into SEO marks a significant shift in how we approach digital marketing. This change is about more than just keeping up with technology trends. It’s realm of possibilities for precision, efficiency, and effectiveness in our SEO strategies.

Role of AI in Modern SEO

AI is transforming SEO in ways we could only imagine a decade ago. It offers an understanding of content relevance, user intent, and search engine algorithms. Leading to more sophisticated and successful SEO strategies. Improved content optimization, smarter keyword analysis, and important improvement in search engine rankings.

Top 20 AI Tools for SEO in 2024

These are the 20 best AI Tools for SEO in 2024:

  1. SurferSEO
  2. Clearscope
  3. MarketMuse
  4. Frase
  5. Outranking
  6. WordLift
  7. SEMrush Writing Assistant
  8. INK
  9. CanIRank
  10. BrightEdge
  11. CognitiveSEO
  12. Ryte
  13. DeepCrawl
  14. SEO ai
  15. Alli AI
  16. Getvoila
  17. Jema
  18. Lexii
  19. AutoBlogging
  20. Writer

Now we discuss these points in detail


Revolutionize your content strategy with SurferSEO. Use AI algorithms to analyze and optimize web pages for search engine visibility.

Area of focus: Content optimization and analysis.

Key functions: AI to optimize content for better search engine rankings. It provides an analysis of content performance.


  • ESSENTIAL Plan for small business owners and freelancers at $89/month.
  • SCALE Plan for mid-sized agencies & marketing teams at $129/month.
  • SCALE AI Plan for agencies and teams looking to scale up with AI at $219/month.
  • ENTERPRISE Plan for large agencies & marketing teams at $399/month.


Clearscope makes content optimization seamless. It offers data-driven insights to improve relevance and engagement. Your content performs at its best.

Area of focus: Content relevance and optimization.

Key functions: Helps in ensuring content relevance to target keywords. It aids in optimizing content for SEO.


  • Essentials Plan Everything you need to get started optimizing content $199/month.
  • Business Plan Advanced functionality for productive content teams $599/month.
  • Enterprise Plan Custom solutions for businesses that produce content at scale custom pricing.


MarketMuse uses AI to accelerate content planning and research. You help craft authoritative content that outpaces competitors in search rankings.

Area of focus: Content research and strategy.

Key functions: Employs AI to conduct in-depth content research. Assists in developing effective content strategies.


  • Free Plan Best for users starting. Starts with a 7-day free Standard Trial. No credit card is required.
  • Standard Plan Best for individuals publishing a few pieces of content each month at $149/month.
  • Team Plan Best for agencies and teams looking to add rocket fuel to their content output at $399/month.
  • Premium Plan Best for large teams who are tired of managing content in spreadsheets at a custom price.


Frase simplifies content creation and optimization with AI. You enabling to produce highly relevant content that answers your audience’s questions.

Area of focus: Content generation and optimization.

Key functions: AI-driven tool for generating and optimizing content based on SEO requirements.


  • Solo Plan $14.99/mo
  • Basic Plan $44.99/mo
  • Team Plan $114.99/mo


Outranking assists in creating SEO optimized content faster. Using AI driven insights to improve content quality and search engine rankings.

Area of focus: Content creation and optimization platform.

Key functions: Assists in creating and optimizing content with AI-driven features.


  • Starter Plan $29 /mo billed
  • SEO Writer Plan $79 /mo billed
  • SEO Wizard Plan $159 /mo billed
  • Custom Plan for Custom pricing


Elevate your web presence with WordLift. An AI-powered SEO tool that enriches. Your content with structured data to boost discoverability.

Area of focus: SEO and content enhancement.

Key functions: AI-powered tool for enhancing SEO strategies and improving content quality.


  • Starter Plan €59/mo
  • Professional Plan €99/mo
  • Business + E-commerce Plan €249/mo

SEMrush Writing Assistant

This tool leverages SEMrush’s vast dataset to provide real-time content optimization suggestions. We are improving readability and SEO performance.

Area of focus: Content analysis and optimization.

Key functions: Uses AI for analyzing and optimizing content to improve SEO performance.


  • Semrush Pro $119.95/mo
  • Semrush Guru $229.25/mo


INK uses AI to make content optimization intuitive. It offers tools to improve your writing’s SEO. Engage your target audience more effectively.

Area of focus: Content optimization and writing assistance.

Key functions: AI-powered tool for optimizing content and providing writing assistance.


  • Professional Plan $39/mo
  • Enterprise Plan $99/mo


CanIRank delivers AI-driven strategies for keyword discovery and competitive analysis. It offers recommendations to improve your search engine rankings.

Area of focus: SEO software for keyword and competitive analysis.

Key functions: AI-driven tool for analyzing keywords and competitors to enhance SEO strategies.


  • Free Plan limited access
  • DIY Individual $49/mo
  • DIY Pro $79/mo
  • DIY Agency $299/mo


BrightEdge integrates AI to offer real-time tracking and insights on content performance. Your guiding SEO strategy with actionable data.

  • Area of focus: SEO and content performance platform.
  • Key functions: Utilizes AI to enhance SEO strategies and improve content performance.


CognitiveSEO employs AI to offer content and backlink analysis. Identifying opportunities to improve your site’s SEO and online visibility.

Area of focus: Content optimization and analysis tool.

Key functions: AI-based tool for optimizing content. It provides a detailed analysis for SEO improvement.


  • Starter Plan $129.99/mo
  • Premium Plan $199/mo
  • Elite Plan


Ryte uses AI to analyze your website’s SEO and user experience. It offers detailed recommendations to optimize both content and technical aspects.

Area of focus: Website optimization and content analysis.

Key functions: AI-powered tool for optimizing websites. Analyzing content for better SEO performance.


Enterprise Plan and Partner Plan


DeepCrawl AI-driven platform enables deep website analysis. Uncovering SEO issues that hinder performance and providing improvement solutions.

Area of focus: Website crawling and technical SEO tools.

Key functions: AI-driven tool for crawling websites and providing technical SEO insights.

SEO ai

SEO ai uses artificial intelligence for SEO to streamline keyword research and content optimization. It makes it easier to achieve top search engine rankings.

Area of focus: Keyword research and content optimization tool.

Key functions: Utilizes AI for keyword research. Optimizing content for improved SEO rankings.


  • Basic Plan $49/mo
  • Plus Plan $99/mo
  • Premium Plan $199/mo

Alli AI

Alli AI aims to automate SEO processes. AI SEO optimization to provide actionable insights and strategies. For on-page optimization, link building, etc.

Area of focus: SEO automation and optimization tool.

Key functions: AI-driven tool for automating SEO tasks. Optimizing websites for better performance.


  • Business Plan $299/mo
  • Agency Plan $599/mo
  • Enterprise Plan $1,199/mo


Getvoila enhances e-commerce with AI. It offers personalized product recommendations to increase conversions and improve customer shopping experiences.

Area of focus: AI-powered content creation and optimization platform.

Key functions: AI to generate and optimize content for SEO. It provides content analysis and optimization features.


  • Free Plan
  • Premium Plan $8/mo
  • Ultimate Plan $16 /mo


Jema is at the forefront of AI-driven market analysis. It provides businesses with deep insights to drive strategy and outperform competitors.

Area of focus: AI-driven content optimization and analysis tool.

Key functions: AI-powered tool for optimizing content. It provides a detailed analysis for SEO improvement.

Pricing: Free


Lexii combines AI with language processing to improve customer service interactions. It offers smarter, more efficient ways to handle queries and support.

Area of focus: AI-based content optimization and analysis tool.

Key functions: AI to optimize content and analyze. Its performance for better SEO rankings.


  • Agency Plan $19/Article
  • Starter Plan $29/Article
  • Growth Plan $25/Article
  • Enterprises Plan Custom


AutoBlogging revolutionizes content creation. AI to automatically generate blog posts that are relevant, engaging, and SEO friendly.

Area of focus: AI content creation and optimization platform.

Key functions: AI-powered tool for generating and optimizing content based on SEO requirements.


  • Regular Plan $49/mo
  • Standard Plan $99/mo
  • Premium Plan $249/mo


Writer harnesses AI to offer a sophisticated writing assistant. It helps professionals craft clearer, more effective communications across various platforms.

Area of focus: AI-powered content optimization and writing assistant.

Key functions: AI-driven tool for optimizing content and providing writing assistance.


  • TEAM Plan $18/mo
  • Enterprise Plan Custom Pricing

Selecting the Best AI Tools for SEO

When choosing AI tools for SEO optimization, consider the following criteria:

  • Accuracy and reliability: AI tool provides accurate and reliable insights for informed decisions.
  • Easy to use interface: AI tools must be easy to navigate, and integrate existing workflows.
  • Integration tools: Choose AI tools to integrate with your existing SEO tools.
  • Cost-effectiveness and ROI: The tool should offer a good value for money. With a high return on investment.

How to Use AI Tools for SEO Optimization

To use AI tools for SEO optimization, follow these steps:

  • Identify your goals and objectives: You want to achieve with your SEO strategy. Improving organic traffic, increasing conversions, or building brand awareness.
  • Choose the right AI tools: Select AI tools that align with your goals and objectives. That offers features you need to optimize your SEO strategy.
  • Conduct keyword research: Use AI tools to identify the most relevant keywords. For your business create content that targets these keywords.
  • Analyze user behavior: Use AI tools to analyze and identify trends. Your target audience’s search queries.
  • Optimize your content: Use AI tools to optimize your content. Better search engine rankings and improved user engagement.
  • Monitor your progress: Use AI tools to monitor your SEO performance. Drive data-driven decisions to improve your strategy.

In 2024, several technology trends will shape AI for SEO. Some of these trends include:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): NLP will have an impact on content optimization. Allowing AI tools to understand context and improve search relevance.
  • Machine learning algorithms: AI-powered algorithms will enable predictive analytics and trend forecasting. Helping SEO professionals anticipate search behavior and optimize accordingly.
  • Automation in keyword research and backlink analysis: AI will automate boring tasks. Like keyword research and backlink analysis, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Challenges and Limitations of Using AI in SEO

AI opens up new avenues for SEO. But it’s not without its challenges.

  • Common pitfalls: AI recommendations without human analysis. This can lead to missed opportunities and poor decision making.
  • Ethical considerations: The use of AI generated content raises ethical. Concerns regarding plagiarism and authenticity.
  • Potential risks: AI systems are vulnerable to manipulation and biases. Which could negatively impact search rankings and user experience.

Expert Opinions about AI in SEO

The world of SEO is continually growing. Rise of AI is one of most important trends shaping future. But what do experts think? These a glimpse into minds of industry leaders on how AI is transforming SEO:

AI is already playing an important role in SEO. Particularly in automating tasks and analyzing massive datasets. However, human expertise remains vital for strategic decision-making and creative content development.

Ahrefs’ Founder, Dmitry Gerasimov

AI is revolutionizing how we research keywords, identify content gaps, and optimize for user intent. AI is a tool, not a replacement for human ingenuity and analysis.

Moz’s Director of SEO, Rand Fishkin

The future of SEO lies in user intent and delivering most relevant content. AI excels at analyzing search behavior and identifying patterns. It makes a powerful tool for achieving this goal.

Searchmetrics’ Chief Evangelist, Marcus Tober

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How to using AI for SEO?

Start by identifying key areas of your SEO strategy. That could benefit from deeper insights or automation. Select AI tools that address these needs. Integrate their recommendations into your workflow.

Can SEO be automated with AI?

AI can automate many aspects of SEO. Like keyword research and content optimization. A human touch remains essential for strategy and creative content creation.

Will AI replace traditional SEO practices?

AI will improve traditional SEO practices but is unlikely to replace them completely.

What are the best AI tools for beginners in SEO?

AI tools like SEMrush Writing Assistant, Clearscope, and WordLift help beginners in SEO.

Is AI generated content good for AI SEO?

Yes, if used wisely. AI generated content can enhance SEO efforts by ensuring keyword relevance and content freshness. However, it’s important to maintain quality and authenticity.


AI tools for SEO in 2024 are important for increasing your online presence and staying ahead of competition. By using these technologies in your digital strategy. You can streamline processes, gain valuable insights, and drive better results. Stay informed about latest advancements in AI tools. To improve your SEO efforts remain efficient and effective in digital landscape.

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